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Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small business owners form a wide range of industries to achieve their burins goals. Almost always we help the business owner accomplish their personal goals as well. We have provided training workshops on time management to large corporation, government agencies, professional organizations, as well small businesses. If you are facing business challenges that is also affecting your personal life, it is time to take action. We encourage you to call us for a free three hours consulting.

Case Study 1: Restaurant

Jose’s upscale restaurant serving a popular ethic food was loved by its patrons but losing money every day. Jose worked 16 hours a day, all seven days a week. Jose knew most of his customers personally and he was well liked. Yet, after almost 15 years, Jose was secretly considering closing it down or finding a buyer. His family lie was in shambles and now his health was failing him. He knew he had to fix the problem or get out of it before it was too late.

Jose found us at a network meeting and asked to if he could use the free three hour consulting to see if we could shed light some light on his challenges. After the meeting, in spite of the financial troubles, Jose the entrepreneur decided he was going to spend some more money to see if we could help him. After all, he did not want to lose his business without a fight. Within two weeks, we identified the areas that needed to be fixed, put together a plan, met with a banker and got a line of credit and began implementing the plan. Within three months, we were able to arrest the negative cash flow situation and in five months, Jose started seeing some profits for the first time in over four years.

Jose’s restaurant is now thriving. It even withstood the economic slump of 2008-2009. Jose now spends less than five hours a day at his restaurant and has plenty of time for his children and aged parents. We stop by once a while to enjoy some really good food.

Case Study 2: IT Company
Bob was a very successful IT professional who gave up his high profile job to start his IT company. A year after he stated, the business was continually burning cash. By then Bob had already used up all his cash and had borrowed large sums from friends and family to keep the business open. However, there was nothing to suggest the trend will reverse anytime soon. Bob was starting to panic when he was referred to us by one of his friends. He was quick to sit down with us for the free three hours analysis. In spite of his successful track record and tremendous knowledge in technology, Bob was open to ideas. Realizing he was running out of options, Bob hired us to help him turn around his business.

Within two weeks, we identified the problem areas. Bob’s biggest problem was that his business model was not viable and needed to be restructured. It was not a plan that was easy for Bob to accept but he had the wisdom to know that something had to change. We soon went to work and within two months completed the restructuring. This slowed the cash burn rate. Next up, we put to action our marketing plan. Two more months later, we had helped Bob stop the bleeding. Almost one year after we had started to work with Bob, the business was making profits. Our plan required a complete overhaul of Bob’s business and it was only possible because Bob was actively involved in getting it done. We continued to work with Bob for one more year to help him achieve a profit level that made him happy. Four years later, Bob’s business as acquired by major IT company in the region for a handsome profit.

Case Study 3: Wholesale Business
Steve had bought a successful 20 year old wholesale business when its previous owner decided to retire. The business had a good mix of small and large customers who were loyal to the business. Steve knew that with his years of experience as a sales director for a national company, he could use his skills to expand the business to other territories and make it much bigger company. What Steve did not anticipate was the economic downturn that would soon follow and the impact it would have on his business. His business primarily catered to construction industry which was among the worst hit during the downturn. Steve did not lose any customers to competition but many of them simply went out of business or had significantly dropped their volume. Steve’s cash flow was affected creating a vicious cycle of negative cash flow.

Steve was referred to us by the manager of the bank from where he had taken the SBA loan to purchase the business. After our free three hour consulting, Steve decided that he could use some help and hired us to find a solution to his predicament. It soon became clear that with limited ability to get any additional funding, Steve will have to accept the reality of the market situation and find a way to keep his cost below the new revenue levels. We helped him devise a plan that will reduce his overheads, cost of goods, and inventory carrying cost. Within three months we were able to help Steve reach cash break-even. A few more months later Steve’s business was profitable. Even if the profit was not much, it allowed Steve to stay afloat until the market improved. A few years later Steve sold his business and used the proceeds to start yet another new business venture. Steve continues to show his appreciation for what he did for him by regularly referring business owners that need some help.

Case Study 4: Magazine Publication
Nancy (name changed) is the publisher of one the most popular high end magazines in the region. Her business was successful but her biggest challenge was she did not have time for her husband or her young kid. She worker 12-16 hours every day and after her work she had little or no energy to spend time with her family or friends. She hadn’t taken a vacation in years. She feared that even if she reduced her efforts, her business will be affected. She wanted to find a way to balance her life without sacrificing her business interest but did not know how.

Nancy attended one of our time management workshops and knew immediately she had found a solution to her dilemma. She asked us to help her with her time management skills.  Changing a person’s everyday routine is perhaps one of the hardest things to accomplish. Even when paying for advice to help them change, most people are reluctant to make the changes. Our approach to helping business leaders who struggle with time has been to offer them small incremental changes that over a period of time it becomes a substantial change   with immense positive benefits. We helped Nancy make subtle changes each week and within a short period of time she had doubled her productivity. Nancy soon took her first vacation in over six years. She now spends as much time as she wants, whenever she wants with her family. She even finds time to pursue some of her hobbies and spends time volunteering at her church. Nancy found the balance in life that she yearned for while her business.